Each kettle is unique and has been hand-finished with devotion and care. Made from a highly porous Taiwanese clay, the key function of a kettle is to produce finer water for brewing tea. These clay kettles are fireproof so they can be put directly on a flame.  

Fired with high temperature kiln to crack the surface, beautiful one-off tea ware from Taiwan. 


Designed by Cloud hidden, in NZ 

Produced, in Taiwan


Please Note:

Please remember that each piece from Cloud Hidden is a completely unique, hand-finished work of art. There are no two kettles, bowls or teapots from us that are the same; as no two tea sessions are the same. They have split our range into glazing types, to give you a sense of what each piece may feel like. If you are interested in choosing your own piece, please get in touch here -

I can send you some closer shots to choose from.