Wind Chime (Horn)


This wind chime by Nousaku is manufactured using traditional casting techniques which has been passed down through generations for over 400 years in Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture.

To accentuate the beauty of the material, each bell is finished on a turning wheel and given a hairline finish, making for the perfect harmony of modern design and traditional technique.

The beautifully clear ringing sound calms the soul.

String for hanging included.


Size: 132mm x 46 mm (bell only)

Plated Brass (60% copper, 40% zinc) / Tin

Weight: 144g


Care Instructions:
Do not rub with a metal polisher. Although the bell has a colour fixing finish, the colour may slightly fade over time.

The slip is made of Japanese paper which is water resistant but not waterproof. We recommend you place the wind bell indoors when the wind blows strongly.