Tea Cakes - Dawn / Red Tea 滇紅




Virtues: Golden, Vibrant & Energising

Benefits: Promotes mental clarity & tonification

Year: Spring 2020

Tree Age: 100 - 200 years old

Location: 临沧 - Fengqing county, Líncāng, Yunnan

Size: 200g

Ingredients: Camellia Sinensis

This red tea is heavily oxidized from a long hand-rolling process, which breaks down the cell walls and allows the leaf to release more of its essence. A strong and vibrant tea with a full-bodied liquor, it is best drunk in the morning.

* Try not to over brew. Just break a bit of, wash with hot water and then steep. There is room to try brewing with more and less tea, see what you like!


Quietly observe the awakening world 

Designed, produced by Cloud hidden, in NZ