Sake glass set うすはり 酒器揃セット


Usuhari range sake glass set - Sophisticated design, the glass is made to enhance the taste of sake. The remarkable Usuhari Glasses are carefully hand made by master craftsmen. With 50 years experience of making glassware, Mr. Katagiri heads the process. This sake pitcher is one of the most hardest technique to blow the glass to achieve this shape within the Usuhari glass range.

They are born of the same techniques as making light bulbs. Appearing beautifully delicate, you'll be amazed how fine the rim is, but they can be handled with usual care of glassware (although not dishwasher safe).  This set comes with beautifully crafted cider box so it's a great for gift.  

Well received abroad already, Usuhari picked up the "Accent On Design Best Product Award", at The New York International Gift Fair held in August 2003.



Size - Sake pitcher - 40 x 190 mm  |  280 cc  || Tumbler - 46 x 80 mm | 85cc 

          Cider box - 210 x 143 x 85 mm 

 *These black iron coasters are not included with the set.  

硝子職人歴 五十余年「現代の名工」片桐久夫監修のもと、一点一点手仕事で作り上げられた極上の逸品です。