Motomu Oyama[14]

Lantern Holder Stand


Beautiful iron works by Motomu Oyama. 


Highly regarded artists from Japan, most anticipated products.

All of his works are made by hand, he is not using mould, he uses the pieces of iron to heating, bending, beating and welding to make each shape. They are completely unique to others, it has beautiful textured surface.  


Material: Iron

Size: W180x90xH540mm

Handcrafted in Yamaguchi prefecture, Japan 


* Note: This stand will come with wicks, you can pour ethanol in the small dish, put the coil of wick and lit from the tip of wick for the candle. but please place the stand in safe flat surface to lit the fire, Please stay around it and watch the space during the light is on. You can also place the seasonal flower or use it as oil diffuser.