Shoyeido Incense[3]

Premium Incense - long sticks



A highly skilled artisan makes our most exclusive incense by hand. Made from centuries-old recipes and containing fine ingredients.


Friend of Pine, Green (松の友)- A fresh, cool fragrance, reminiscent of a breeze passing through an ancient pine forest.

Main ingredients: Sandalwood, clove, benzoin, camphor, patchouli, spices

King's Aroma, Brown (王者香)- An elegant blend of fine sandalwood and herbs.

Main ingredients: Sandalwood, clove, patchouli, spices

Proud of Kyoto(京自慢)- Enjoy this superb offering of fine incense from beautiful Kyoto. 

Main ingredients: Sandalwood, clove, benzoin, spices


Hand-rolled incense, in Kyoto, Japan  

36 sticks each pack 


*Incense holder is Motomu Oyama's iron work's from Japan See the detail from the artist page through the website.