Kurinuki workshop by Kristen Calder, by Bravery Inc. 16th, March, 24'


Saturday, 16th March, 24'

This is a slow and calm session creating your own pots or vases.

Kurinuki means to hollow out or carve from a solid block of clay, during this process the potter may take a tool or object to slowly remove clay in search of its form. Kurinuki has been described as discover by digging as the form emerges from the clay rather than the potter creating it.

This workshop is suitable for all levels including beginners. Clay will be provided and tools will be available for use. Participants are more than welcome to bring their own carving tools if they wish.

The workshop will be run by Kurinuki expert, Kristen Calder from Bravery Inc
During the workshop you will explore Kurinuki using soft and hard clays with lots of tips and techniques shared along the way as you make your original vessel. 

This workshop will lead to the pit-firing workshop around end of April with some other fee as option. This firing session will be with a Japanese ceramic artists, Rando Aso who will be traveling to NZ for his own show in Late April. The schedule and the cost to join the firing will announce bit later on, please inquire if you are interested. 

Date: Saturday, 16th March at Public Record
Building vase or pots - $110 p.p.
Afternoon Session from 1:30-3:30 pm
Public Record gallery space 
82 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby, Auckland, (Upstairs)

• All materials will be supplied
• A small group tutorial with hands on experience.

Booking is essential
Any questions, please get in touch here.