11 o'clock, Sultry with warm, gentle rain falling, 2018


Gestural, sumi ink cloud drawings crossed by the artists bodily gestures;
Calligraphic, nomadic marks that resemble vaporous forms which populate our atmosphere. These evanescent subjects can be captured, a moment frozen in time, simultaneously dramatic and banal. They are the subject matter of scientists and artists alike, mapping and recording a symbol of the sublime in jeopardy. This drawing of a cloud is at once a cloud, a map, a landscape, the ocean or just a series of marks on a page.
The title is taken from John Constable’s Cloud studies made in the years 1821 and 1822. Constable produced a large number of oil sketches of clouds and skies, making notes for each one relating to weather conditions and the time of day they were painted. He painted quickly but with precision, to capture as closely as possible the detail he observed. Constable’s cloud studies illustrate just how hugely impressive nature, in its simplest form, can be. Robyn Penn’s clouds share this sentiment.

Medium : Ink on paper (Japon Simili)
Size: 58 x 85,5 cm
Framed in black aluminium
Handcrafted in South Africa