Vase With Shells



Wheel thrown with a thick glaze. Using dark colored Korean clay, Fire with Anagama styled kiln, firing for few days to get the effects of rough surface. The glaze were melting to the way it's lay down the kiln. One of her popular piece.

Elena’s aim is not perfection, on the contrary, her belief is 'imperfections make the bowls come alive, make them easier to relate to, make them more human. 'Nature’s perfection lies within its own asymmetry.'


Vase with shells || Appox Size: W 140 x H 260 mm

Handmade in Auckland, New Zealand


*anagama firing is its total unpredictability so that each piece is unique in its character and can never be repeated. Enjoy the artisan's one-off product. 


Photo by Liz Clarkson