Kanaami x Stone - ver.1


Te Ori project is one of her original piece that she has created once she mastered the Japanese traditional skill, Kanaami. 

Kanaami x Rock from Wanaka

by Kathy Barber 


Originating in Kyoto, Japan, Kanaami wire weaving is an art form traditionally used to create kitchenware. New Zealand artist Kathy Barber applies this technique to her art pieces. This craft is balances a steady hand, eye for pattern and lots of patience. The thin lines create intricate webs which strike an interesting balance between the ethereal and the sturdy. 


Black steal hook has made by Finn Ferries 


Materials: Copper / Stone from Wanaka / Black hemp cord / Black steal 

Size: W65xH90xD45mm (Stone only), Copper Ring D100mm

Handcarfted in Auckland, New Zealand, 2022