Tea Pot


Hand made with locally sourced materials (including the clay) that she gathers herself. Constructed by hand and finish with glaze with a silver coating that is intended to tarnish over time. 

To maintain consistency and functionality, Kazumi uses a mould for the base of each piece, then shapes the top by hand. 

These red gestural marks on their surfaces are from a collection called ‘Veins’. The red colour in these works comes from the clay Kazumi collects. The clay makes a red-muddy paint that Kazumi uses her fingers to paint with. These signature red marks speak to her femaleness, strength and Japanese identity. For the viewer, ‘vein’ could evoke a number of meanings: the veins in our bodies; water veins underground; streaks of colour in leaves and rocks.  

These special pieces combine both a functionality and aesthetic allure. 


Size: 120 x H 70 mm

Handmade in Okayama, Japan