Brass Ring


Designed by Masahiro Kitamura who is a hair stylist as well as a jewellery designer who is based in Tokyo.  

Hand formed every single pieces, they are truly unique and very delicate work.


Handcrafted in Tokyo, Japan 

Material: Brass 

Size: S 18 x 16mm || M 20 x 20mm 

These beautiful ranges are made by a Japanese hair make-up artist, Masahiro Kitamura. He has created a very unique stunning collection.  using pure brass, Sterling silver and resin to enclose the gold leaves etc... they are truly unique and very delicate work. Hope you enjoy, there is for people who love uncommon.  
He has a retail store in tokyo where showcasing his entire collections and few other artists who collaborate with him. His retail store is called "Hitotsumusubi" that translates tied your hair in one knot.