Modern Ikebana by Victoria Gaiger & Tom Loxley



"Modern Ikebana" by Victoria Gaiger & Tom Loxley

Since its origins in sixth century Japan, ikebana has been as much a philosophy as an art, with its roots in Zen Buddhism and a reverence for nature.

Over hundreds of years it has developed a complex set of unwritten rules that it takes a lifetime to master. But in recent years the distinctive look of ikebana - with its love of the asymmetric shapes found in nature and its willingness to embrace simple, natural materials - has found a new audience and opened the eyes of a generation of artists to a different way of working with flowers.

This book showcases a selection of this new wave of floral artists. Victoria Gaiger & Tom Loxley - editors of award winning "rakesprogress", the UK's leading independent magazine about the art of gardens, plants and flowers - have talked to the most exciting florists working today about their art and inspiration. It includes an introduction to the history and evolution of Japanese floral art and an illustrated glossary of flowers and plants.

Published by Ludion