Exhibition - Modern Japan Craft 21'

24th Nov - 12 Dec
Japan Modern Craft exhibition 21' 

This is Public Record’s biggest annual event where we introduce modern Japanese arts and crafts, curated from highly regarded and sought after artists from Japan. 
This year we will be showcasing four different artists and their creations; from sublime functional tableware, to serene sculptural art pieces. 

In this strange time, we have been questioning what we want to be surrounded by and what environment we want to live and work in. What moves us, and what is valuable to us.

We have been inspired by the feelings of nostalgia from songs or scents, and how they move you. We want to evoke those emotions through the work of these artists.

Through the process of making work for re:connection, these talented artists have explored ways to inspire people and express their emotions through their work while living through the pandemic. 

We are excited to share how art can bring reconnection and joy to life.  

Artist list:
-Shiho Hayashi (ceramics, sclupture), Gifu, Japan 
-Takeyoshi Mitsui (glass), Toyama, Japan
-Rando Aso (ceramics), Gifu, Japan 
-Midori Uchida (ceramics), Gifu, Japan  
Handcrafted in Japan 
*We will send the digital catalogue for this show. 
Please enquiry, send us an email - yuka@publicrecord.shop