Brilliance # (framed)



Veronique Desmet is a Danish artist currently living in New Zealand.

Véronique Desmet’s work includes photography, video installation, performance and sculptural object. As a video artist, she creates moments of coexistence. Coexistence doesn’t require any specific action, the presence is the creative agent.

Her video work are like drops, spaces of light that we choose to see or not to see : sunlight on the kitchen bench on a sunday morning. A pause. They appear, repeat themselves and unroll for the duration of a moment in a chosen space. They open our space of perception to our environment. They bring us back to ourselves

This art work is captured still image from her motion video work.


Size, 300 x 400 mm, with framed

Produced in New Zealand 


Printed on high quality washi (Japanese Awagami handcrafted paper)

Original work, beautifully framed with natural timber.