Tea Pot


The teapot is at the center of brewing tea and thus, all aspects of it influence our experience. From the clay it is made from, to its aesthetics and the way it fits the hand; all elements have been considered.

Wooden handle teapots require the most work by artist of all our teaware and are all pieces of functional art that have been lovingly hand-finished. 

Size: approx: W200 x H100mm (with wooden handle),  250ml


Designed by Cloud hidden, in NZ 

Produced, in Taiwan


Please Note:

Please remember that each piece from Cloud Hidden is a completely unique, hand-finished work of art. There are no two kettles, bowls or teapots from us that are the same; as no two tea sessions are the same. They have split our range into glazing types, to give you a sense of what each piece may feel like. If you are interested in choosing your own piece, please get in touch here - yuka@publicrecord.shop

I can send you some closer shots to choose from.