Untitled, with gauze 2021


This painting is prepared with Japanese traditional painting technique of mounting Japanese paper on the panels. Whiting is a traditional western primer used to prepare the canvas for the oil painting. The works are made using traditional painting tools of both the west and Japanese paintings. Those works reflect the theme of cultural, temporal and physical “in- between-ness”: being between Western and Eastern cultural values and between the permanent and the temporary physical properties of artwork. 

Through work, Yukari explores the material nature of paintings as a means to consider the ontology of things and spaces, responding to it as an interior space for the audience's experiences. The surface tension of the paintings attempts to bring the viewer’s attention to the surface of the work. The art historian Allen Leeps says artwork is “ an effort to relate the observer to the thing observed at the point where human perception brings them together”."


Materials: Oil and gauze on paper mounted on Panel

Size: 400 x 400mm

Handmade in Auckland, New Zealand 


Any enquiries - yuka@publicrecord.shop