Vase M or L - Landscape



Hand sculpted clay work by Midori Uchida. Her work is completely uniques, one-off product.

These beautiful colourations are from the metal in the clay, when she fired, it's appeared. She controls and mastered the beautiful patterns. 


Unglazed - but it's seals by the way how she fires.  

This piece has a beautiful silhouette and the unique balance of the proportion. Perfect for your dining table to entertain your guests, utilising many different ways. It will also be a great additional for you interior, beautiful craftsmanship work from Japan.    


Size: Medium W120 x H150 mm

Handcrafted in Gifu, Japan



Sink the object into water and soak before use. This will slow the process of any oil and colour staining the object.

Stains may come out at the beginning of use, however this will create a unique landscape pattern the more you use it.

Wash and dry well each time you use.