Vase Small or Large - Raku Collector Series


Hand built beautiful vase

Collector series one - Raku

The collector series is a limited edition body of work produced in small numbers. Series Ones the first Raku range produced. 


Raku firing:

Based no the traditional Japanese technique, requires heating the pottery quickly to high temperatures and cooling it quickly, resulting in unique and unpredictable results. 

Each pieces is fired in a gas kiln to 1000 degrees till it reached the glowing red hot stage. It's quickly removed from the kiln and placed in a steel drum and covered in saw dust. The drum is sealed with a steel lid to create a reduction, an airtight oxygen free atmosphere, which is essential in creating the typical thermal shock, when each piece is placed into cold water, creates the unique cracks in the glaze. 

Each pieces is completely unique, and the result impossible to replicate.


Size: small 65 x 65 x 65 mm | large 95 x 95 x 95 mm

Hand crafted in Auckland, New Zealand 


*This work has received the ASP Residency Award in the 2020 Fire & Clay exhibition, through the Wallace Arts Trust.