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This beautiful collection of pottery was made between the late 1970’s and 80’s using various methods, kilns and pit firing techniques. The grouping represents rare, hand-made clay works with one-of-a-kind textured and features that have remained in their personal collection over the years until now.

Pit-firing technique was to place bisque-fired pots into a pit in the ground, sprinkled with various oxides (depending on the effect they wanted), covering the pots with leaves and sawdust with a wood fire built on top, the pots were only removed when cooled.

Their work remains a part of New Zealand ceramics history, from an era when art and craft were considered mainstream, integrated into everyday life.  


Materials: Pit fired clay work

Size: Approx. W100 x H 220 mm

Handmade in Auckland, New Zealand

*This collection of works are presented in collaboration with Anita Tótha of Cultural Partners. The collector series is now available from Public Record.