Weaving Workshop - Making your own tapestry


This is a very calm and gentle workshop using the materials that we can find around our daily life. "Weave your own Art Work"

NZ textile designer, Anna-Rose Carpenter will come down from Northland to Auckland to teach us how to weave and make a wall-hanging tapestry. She will also show us few alternative ways to finish the products, sharing her deep knowledge about weaving. 

Each attendant makes their own woven artwork in a picture frame. They will use a range of up-cycled and hand spun yarns from her yarn library.

Anna-Rose will teach them a number of techniques including plain weave and tufting.  We will use the frames with the holes pre-drilled that she prepares and everyone will learn how to ‘warp up’ their own looms with white warp yarn (as pictured).


She will bring a range of physical and pictorial examples of end products to

inspire them.


• A small group tutorial and hands on experiences.
• All materials will be supplied by the tutor. If you want to bring some additional materials that you want to weave with, Please bring them in!

Any enquires - yuka@publicrecord.shop 


Saturday, 2nd October 

Morning session 10:30-12:30pm 

We will serve some nice tea and little snacks as complimentary.

We are looking forward to spending some time together with you!