Wood sculpture - (Macrocarpa ) ver.3



Veronique Desmet is a Belgium artist currently living in New Zealand.

This stool was created where the artist and artisan meet. She found the timer after a bomb-fired on the property where she was based in Snells beach in Auckland.


The top is gilded, finished with lacquer and wax. The charred stamp is treated with a natural oil. This one-off art piece is not easy to archive and requires skills to preserve in such a beautiful way.

These stools reflect a sense of tradition, of respect and recognition of what is rare and the importance of preservation. The quiet precious life cycle of the original tree is celebrated with Veronique's skill. Her decorative art objects can be enjoyed as the carrier of knowledge and memories in each work

*For the maintenance, put a coat of wax on the top once or twice a year. 

Materials: Ethically founded NZ grown timber, Macrocarpa 

Oil / silver leaves, Black bison wax. 

Size, Approx. L360 x W250 x H160 mm 

Handcrafted in Auckland, New Zealand