Woodstool - (Rare) Mature Kanuka



Veronique Desmet is a danish artist currently living in New Zealand.

This stools were created where the artist and artisan meet. Veronique found the uprooted timer near where she bases, this venerable tree was broken in a storm. She chops, dries, cleans, shapes and assembles each object slowly, with a rest between each step, in order to discover the form intrinsic to the material, in order to reveal through the process of making. These stools reflect a sense of tradition, of respect and recognition of what is rare and the importance of preserving it. The quiet precious life cycle of the original tree is celebrated. Her art/decorative objects can be enjoyed as the carriers of knowledge and memories.


Materials: Ethically founded NZ timer, Kanuka, Resin, Gold-leaves, Natural oil varnish. 

Size, Approx. 300 x 650 x H400 mm 

Handcrafted in New Zealand