Xtra Tall Vase


Mexican Potter, Based in Auckland, Iza Lozano's new series of works 

'Searching for minerals beneath volcanoes'

These hematite stone-inspired ceramic works are the starting point of an ongoing series/exploration on minerals, flux, and texture.

Wheel-thrown, coiled, and modeled during a residency at Auckland Studio Potters at the end of 2022, these plinths, large-scale vessels, candleholders, posters, have been mid-fired with glazes primarily based on bone ash and metal oxides.

Minerals and other objects such as marbles, quartz crystals, rutile pebbles, and metal have been fired to melt -or not- on top of the glaze, leaving a trace, a crater, a flowing feature. Landscape.


Materials: Wheelthrown, crystal, quartz, marble, black glaze vessel.

Size: Approx.H50 x W28cm x H1000mm

Handcrafted in Auckland, NZ


*Small crack at the bottom of the vessel, thus, it's only for an ornament piece or for dry flower only.