Tea Cakes - Earth / Shou Puerh 熟茶




Virtues: Thick, Earthy & Smooth

Benefits: Aids digestion, filters toxins & supports cardiovascular health

Year: 2019



Tree Age: 100 years old

Location: 布朗山 - Bulang Mountain, Yunnan

Size: 200g

Ingredients: Camellia Sinensis

This traditional puerh comes from old-growth trees in Yunnan, the birthplace of tea. Shou puerh undergoes a fermentation process, similar to composting. This creates a dark, rich and earthy liquor that warms the body.

* It's beautiful and nice if its strong and you can not really brew it wrong. There is room to try brewing with more and less tea, see what you like!


Growth is nourished by fertile soil

Designed, produced by Cloud hidden, in NZ