Sari by Kahoritotomoni[4]

NZ x Japan Fragrance, HAA 01, HAA 02,



Award winning Japanese perfumes  Sari by Kahoritotomoni's hand crafted concentrated alcohol based perfume wears for a long time.. 

When Sari was visiting NZ last year, She collected native plants helped by lovely local friends, Sean and Victoria, which diffused and she took them to her home, After a year of tries and errors she created two amazing NZ x Japan fragrances - Kawakawa x Bamboo / Kawakawa x Peony... there are few other special ingredients like NZ moss and exotic Japanese citrus etc...  


*key note 

HAA01 : Kawakawa, Bamboo, Cardamons, Iyokan, Kuromoji etc...

HAA02 : Kawakawa, Flower, Sandalwood, NZmoss, Cypress, grapefruits, Yuzu etc...

*Two types

Perfume mist bottle, 8ml

Oil based rolled on perfume bottle, 5ml  

Handcrafted in partly in NZ, partly in Japan


**there are special NZ textile designer, Marta Buda's collaboration, hand woven pouch for the mist bottle available too. Please see the link