Axel Vervoordt: Wabi Inspirations


Axel Vervoordt is a Belgian interior designer whose company, under his own name also includes an antiquaire, a private foundation, as well as art galleries in Antwerp and Hong Kong.

He is well known for his wabi-sabi style of interior design where he effortlessly combines the old with the new to give sublime, layered and textured elegance to anything that he touches.

Wabi-sabi as defined by Vervoordt as "a Japanese concept that derives from simplicity and authenticity. It values the beauty of imperfection. Elegance in natural materials, nobility without sophistication, timelessness with tradition: these are the principles that define Axel Vervoordt's personal take on the concept."

This book features interiors designed by Vervoordt inspired by wabi-sabi philosophies providing an insight into his body of work as well as interiors inspiration for this aesthetic and philosophy so dear to us at Public Record.

Created with contributions by architect and frequent collaborator, Tatsuro Miki, the book's photographs by Laziz Hamani transport us into the unique atmospheres of Vervoordt's work.

Published by Flammarion in 2010
Pages and dimensions:
245 pages, Hardcover 26.5 x 22 cm