Celestial Fields (Aries), 2012


Mitchell first exhibited this collection of work at Mugaksa Temple for Gwangju Biennale in Korea in 2012. He has taken inspiration from a 14th century Joseon dynasty astronomical chart, with an act that reflects conversations and psychic communication he engaged in with a Gwangju shaman.

He created 12 ceramics objects, these ashen forms have been created with local materials by skilful korean ceramicists and then pit-fired with plant material selected by the shaman and have the markings of the artist's tongue (a cast of which was pushed against the surface of the wet clay) as well as the markings of star constellations atop. 

A light can be placed under the object emphasizing the astronomical chart and projecting its pattern into the ceiling.



Size: D350 x H400 mm

Materials: Ceramics, hallucinogenic plant material, saliva


Crafted in Gwangju, Korea