Constant Hum of Wind, 2022



Collagraph and Woodblock print:

A belief in materiality is evident in the work. Using paper, ink, earth pigment, iron sand, ash, and graphite, the artwork merges the disciplines of ceramics and printmaking. Shimmering black iron sand of Taranaki is mixed with sticky bone black ink and gritty nikau palm ash - all reminiscent of the mysteries the artist encountered as a child having been raised in the piety of the Catholic church. The cool blue, striking and salient, is a nod to Mary, the virgin mother all girls were encouraged to take on as a role model, or the role model. Blue is also of the horizon, or of a place you can never go - about an antipodean life split between two hemispheres.


Materials: Thai Kozo: earth pigment, ink, iron sand & palm ash with white timber frame with glass. 

Size: 400x400mm 

Handcrafted in New Zealand.