Crystal Ribbed Candlestick, 2020, Cased 2023 - GLASS


“When you hold this object and you slide your fingers into where my fingers dug, and you tighten, your hand into the grooves left by my grip, we are connected through this object that I have squeezed and pinched, each little bit from wax warm in my fingertips.”

This sculptural object is a unique cast formed directly from wax moulded by hand, fingerprints tacked permanently in crystal from body warm wax. The artist makes the cast by attaching the wax pattern to a floating core reservoir and investing in a hand built refractory mould, the wax is gently melted out using steam, leaving a negative space for the melted glass to fill.

Once cool, the reservoir is removed and ground away in a minimal fashion and the glass bathed in acid to further refine the surface whilst keeping the fingerprints of the artist intact.


*For safety reasons, it is important to refrain from leaving candles unattended and to exercise caution in preventing candle ends from burning out. Clean with mild dish soap.

 Signature cast in base - K Rutecki

Material: Lost wax casted pale grey lead crystal glass, acid polish 

Size: H260 x W110mm 

Handcrafted in Auckland, New Zealand