Custom fragrance workshop with Sari Kahoritotomoni


Sari’s Room-mist workshop  Contents 

Date to be confirmed soon. 

Make your own fragrance with one of the most influential modern Japanese perfumers. 

4-5 people's small group session (minimum of 2 people)

2 sessions / day

$110 per person, per session

Email us if you want to be on the waiting list.

Beautiful and intimate experience, making your own custom made fragrance with very experienced Japanese perfumer using exotic, natural essences from Japan that she collected and extracted all essences by Sari. You will love meeting with lovely Sari hearing her deep knowledge about scent. Don't miss out this rare opportunity!! 

*We will do afternoon session when it's filled the morning session.

At the end of the session, you can take a bottle of your own room-mist home!







Workshop details & About Sari

Sari is the co founder of "Kahoritotomoni”. She designs and creates very original, contemporary and innovative fragrances connecting both east and west. Sari is one of most influential Japanese perfumers represented in Japan. Sari frequently travels the northern hemisphere sharing / collaborating her techniques with people all around the world, however, this November She will be coming to New Zealand for the first time to join Astute Assembly’s Japan Craft Now exhibition. Here, she will be doing number of workshops, making semi-custom room mists and showcasing her work equipment and products. 

Sari is highly educated and has a thorough understanding of traditional Japanese incense ceremony *Kodo as well as traditional perfume from Western cultures. She works both nationwide and internationally to revive the world of fragrance and culture by her doing something very bold and different. With a composing background, Sari uses musical notes alongside her fragrances, each scent inspired and guided by music. She finds harmony between sound and smell, her fragrance giving a sense of tranquillity.

During Sari's workshops you will be introduced to her original, very unique blending methods which she uses to distill her fragrances. From here, she will work alongside you to create your own room-mist. Sari will supply you with a number of base / middle / top notes to your mist. Most of her fragrances are derived from natural ingredients such as yuzu and hinoki, to create your own unique Japanese room mist that you will be able to be bottled and take home. She will also put some music notes on your fragrance for you too!

Lastly, she will teach “Origata” - a form of traditional wrapping technique. We will wrap your bottle with beautiful Washi paper that you can fold as a part of your presentation. 
*Kodo ( incense ceremony) is the traditional Japanese art of appreciating the scents of aromatic wood mixed with other ingredients to make a fragrance.

Complimentary Japanese tea and snack will be supplied during the session.(Gluten free )

Please come and join us this November to meet Sari and to create your very own, unique room mist that you can take home ! Each fragrance is always one-off and unique.

If you find yourself wanting your own custom fragrance made completely from scratch by Sari, she is able to do a one on one session with you to assist you in creating a completely unique product. See below.

Booking is essential !!


One on One session 

Customised fragrance

Semi Order  - There are few more kinds of fragrance are available than the workshop.  Very intimate casual session.  Sari will blend your fragrance for you.

Duration 15-30 mints. 

Room Mist  $150 

Perfume 3ml $210 / 5ml $290


Full Order - This is the complete session that Sari will making the custom-made perfume just for you.  It'd be a wonderful experience making some perfume with Sari, while we have her in NZ.   

Duration about 2 hours. (This is only for Sunday afternoon) 

Perfume $660 Book in advance.

*Please contact us for more further questions -




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