Darning or Hand sewing buttonhole & button workshop with Steven Park, 6x4online

Learn how to mend holes and worn areas in fabric and knittings using thread and needle. Steven Park from Christchurch, the designer of 6x4online will teach from traditional needle weave darn to decorative darn, similar to Sashiko techniques for morning session and Hand-sewn Buttonholes & sewing button like a tailor techniques for afternoon.  

Darning workshop 
Saturday, 28th May
10:30 am - 12:30 pm
$80 per person 

*Please bring an item that you would like to repair, along with a matching thread if possible. If you do not have something to darn there will be scrap fabric available for practice. Needles, scissors, and darning mushrooms will be provided as well as a hand-drawn instructional hand-out.

Darning is a hand sewing technique for repairing holes and reinforcing weakened areas in clothing with a needle and thread. It is a great way to reconnect with the things you wear by spending time caring for them so that they last longer and age beautifully. Darning can be a decorative practice as well as a practical one, showing the beauty of hand sewing and honesty of clothing that has been well worn and loved. 

In this workshop you will learn to use a needle and thread to re-weave new material over a hole in your clothing, or reinforce a threadbare or weakened area of your clothing with the same technique (please note this is a different technique to Swiss darning where heavier knits are repaired by 'reknitting' with a needle and yarn). Traditionally darning was a preventative practice; once you have learnt this skill you will be able to artfully prevent further damage to your clothing. This technique takes some time and patience so it is recommended to start with a manageable project. It is ideal for woven fabrics but can also be applied to knits. *Steven's picture by Justyn Rebecca Denney 

Hand-sewn buttonholes & sewing button like a tailor  
Saturday, 28th May
1:30 - 3:30 pm 
80 p.p.
A garment's closure is one of its most important features. We often overlook the simple button and its corresponding buttonhole but without them our clothing would be entirely different. Since the Bronze age invention of the button we have needed a way to fasten it and this has taken many forms over the millenia. In this workshop you will learn to make a hand sewn keyhole buttonhole, and sew a button to match. As with most aspects of sewing there are many ways to do these things but Steven will demonstrate his methods. 
*Please bring some garments that needs to alter for buttonholes area or a scraps of fabric to practice on, if you don't have any, we can provide few options for you.