Dormant 29


Volcanic series

Multi-disciplinary designer,  Rachel Wegrzyn's artwork.

Rachel is currently living in Tamaki Makaurau and graduated from The University of Auckland in 2018 with a Masters of Architecture (Hons). Rachel’s work is a necessary form of art therapy, her work is sculptural and atmospheric, with a heavy use of black. She manipulates wet mixed media to create emotive landscapes. 

Her ‘Dormant’ series was created by blending plasters, ground lava stone (basalt), Japanese ink, and calligraphy paper; which is then applied to canvas in portrait format by hand. As the medium begins to dry she uses her fingers, volcanic stones, and heat to manipulate, sculpt, and texture the surface.


Size 460 x 610mm 

Mixed Media 

Handcrafted in Auckland, New Zealand, 2022