Earth Collection - Marume




Takayuki Watanabe 

//Earth Collection


The Earth Collection consist only of materials that Watanabe sources himself from the mineral rich Izu Peninsula (near Mt Fuji) where he is based. He uses no additives or glaze in his works. His intention for this body of work is to ‘capture a piece of earth’ and preserve it by recreating and firing it, making what is seen as mundane and breathing new aesthetic value to it by bringing old and new resources together – it’s like an exchange of energy.


Watanabe searches for the right piece of earth or rock and recreates it modestly, carefully not altering the original ‘essence’ of its appearance. He will add dents and surface marks to the form, but stops short of any finishes that feel too ‘human’. After it’s dried he fires the object with wood found in the woods, the ash effects the finish of the works, integrating it with the soil once more becoming a cycle of natural creation.

There are two types of work presented in this Earth Collection, "Kubomi" which means dented and "Kakera” which means pieces or chips. 


Marume (sphere):

Watanabe’s Marume works are recreations of found earth or stones, collected for their time-worn qualities, rounded shape & ‘earth-like’ appearance. 

These works are fragile, so please handle with care.


Marume: Approx. size | D70 x H60mm

Handmade in Shizuoka, Japan