Embodying Anew by S. Leigh, M. Odundo, T. Mosely


Embodying Anew was published in response to an exhibition under the same title shown in London 2021 at Maximillian William with works by Magdalene Odundo, Simone Leigh and Thaddeus Mosley.


Excerpt from the show - 

hree artists who engage extensively with international creative practices to synthesize the aesthetics of a vast array of visual traditions within their work. While, like earlier Modernist artists, they engage with the formal elements of vernacular and functional objects from the African continent and diaspora, they reject the condescending ethnographic approach which has tarred the history of African influence on Western art. Instead of decontextualizing their sources, these artists explore and uncover the significance of them, a process which incorporates multiple levels of meaning into their work.


This unique publication was designed as an archived ephemera to capture the spirit of the show to "transcend its temporality marking its position in history". 

A truly unique offering and collectable piece of art in itself.

Comprised of a manilla DL envelope containing a silkscreened colour sheet wrapping a die-stamped linen envelope. Inside a series of offset reproductions featuring a bust by Simone Leigh, a sculpture by Thaddeus Mosley and three vessels by Magdalene Odundo with a hand-stamped colour photographic print of the installation and a booklet with an essay by Lauren DeLand."


Published by InOtherWorlds in collaboration with Maximillian William, London

220110mm (multiple formats), limited edition of 300 copies