Ikebana Workshop, Saturday, 22nd June 24'


Discover 'Ikebana', the complex art of Japanese art of flower arrangement with Keiko Murakami.

 A group tutorial and hands-on experience.

We will supply all the materials (flowers & tools)


22nd June (Sat) -  For all levels of experience in Ikebana

This workshop is ideally suited to anyone who has some experiences with flower arrangement. This course will be following the basic style, participants will experience diverse aspects of Sogetsu Ikebana. People who wants to explore more depth of knowledge as well as gaining more experiences. 



Japanese flower arrangement, Ikebana, has a long history. Yet the actual origin is not clear.One of the theories is “yorishiro” which is an object representative of a divine spirit or object to which a spirit drawn or summoned. The other is “kuge” which is an offering of flowers in Buddhism. As there are little and fragmented materials to support such theories, the origin continues to be uncertain. By the 12th century, Ikebana was not only confined to temples but began to spread into common households.

Muromachi period (1336-1573) is an era considered as important period for the history of Japanese art. It was during this period, Noh (traditional theatre play) and Tea ceremony emerged and was the period when painting, architecture and Japanese garden flourished. Ikebana was not an exception. Ikebana was freed from religious connection and begun to be accepted as form of appreciation.
Today, there are literally 100s of Ikebana schools but the three main schools are Ikenobo (marked 550 years of history back in 2012), Ohara (founded end of 19th century) and Sogetsu (founded in 1927, just over 90 years).
Sogetsu is considered “young” but is also known as “creative Ikebana”.
Anyone can enjoy Sogetsu Ikebana anytime, anywhere, using any material. Today, Sogetsu’s headed by, Akane Teshigahara, grand daughter of founder Sofu, who continue to develop Sogetsu Ikebana to fit into today’s era.

Tutor : Keiko Murakami
Began learning Sogetsu Ikebana in her mid 20s. Obtained qualified Sogetsu teacher’s certificate over 20 years ago in Japan. Teaches wide range of students including as young as 5 years old. Through attending qualified teachers’ workshops and lessons throughout the year, Keiko continue to develop her Sogetsu Ikebana skills and expressions.



For all levels of experience - basic to advance.

Saturday 22nd, June 24'

Morning 10:00-12:00  - Full

Afternoon 12:45-2:45 

$95 / per person 


Public Record gallery space (Upstairs)
82 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby, Auckland 

Booking is essential to secure the seat(s). 

Any enquiry or questions - yuka@publicrecord.shop