Iron Tea pot - Large or Medium


Beautiful iron works by Motomu Oyama. 


Highly regarded artists from Japan, most anticipated products.

All of his works are made by hand, he is not using mould, he uses the pieces of iron to heating, bending, beating and welding to make each shape. They are completely unique to others, it has beautiful textured surface.  


This tea pot is functional. It has lacquer coating in side the pot so you can put on the stove and boil the water and drink. You can also directory brew the tea as well. The water will become mild after boiling with the iron pot. It'll be great for the interior for your home. 


Enjoy Japanese artists's products. 


Material: Iron / Lacquer paint (inside) 

Size: Large, W170x H225mm / Medium, W165 x H205mm

Handcrafted in Yamaguchi prefecture, Japan 


* Note: Please do not put on the stove and heat without any water inside as the lacquer coating will damage and peal. It will be suitable to store when it's dry. To dry the pot, please put very hot water and then tip out the water to cut any moisture using the remaining heat within the pot. pleased wash carefully and store carefully. 


*To settle the pot, please boil water and tip out repeatedly for several time and  then it will be good to use.