Kintsugi repair items - Lacquer


Tools for Kintsugi 

*some tools are extra tools, these are for people who wants to try slightly advanced techniques. 


Lacquer - Bengara faster dry than other 20g

Lacquer - Bengara 20g

Lacquer - Bengara  high quality, 30g 

Lacquer - Bengara High quality, final process with metal powder, particularly for glass 

Lacquer - For base, mixing with grindstone (tonoko/jinoko/flour)to make own putty  

Lacquer - For top coat. 'Kiurushi' raw lacquer, requiring to heat up using for the final process with metal powder, *180 ℃ a half hour, 150 ℃ an hour.

Lacquer - white

Lacquer - Black



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I can send some more specific descriptions about these materials via email.

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