Bowls and Large Plate


Tableware by Takayuki Watanabe 

For his tableware range, Watanabe employees a traditional slip casting method, using a sand mould on the ground, not plaster which is most common today. This technique requires sucking the excess slip out of the mould as you can’t just tilt it as you would for a plaster mould. For this range Watanabe using industrial clay, unlike his Kakera and Kubomi works which uses clay he finds in nature.

His tableware range is light weight and the rim is thin.

*Can be used microwave or dishwasher.  


Bowl, M: Approx. size | D200 x110 mm

Bowl,S: Approx.size | D120 x 70 mm

Plate: Approx.size | D220 x 20 mm

Handmade in Shizuoka, Japan