Glass Compote


Created using the Pete de Verre method of glass making, this stunning compote (raised plate) needs to be seen, and touched to be fully appreciated. With an almost impossibly soft finish and a gentle, natural gradation from light to a mid aqua blue. 

Ogawa has mastered bringing an emotive nostalgia of the past into a contemporary setting. Her works play beautifully with light and take on different tones throughout the day. You'll never tire of looking at them.


Size: 140 mm (D) x 20.5 mm (H)

Soft aqua blue

Pete de Verre moulded glass

Handmade in Tokyo, Japan 


Care instructions:

Handling with care. Please be extra careful with the rim of the raised. Do not scrub with a hard sponge or brush, it might remove the metallic pattern. Do not expose to a dramatic change of temperature. Not suitable for dishwasher or microwave