Melting pot 2019




Chika’s passion for using bamboo started in 2017. Without much knowledge in preparing this material and through extensive research and experiments, she found her way to work with this living material. Chika stated, ‘bamboo is strong-willed in that it bounces back and it is difficult to tame.’ Working it required her to find a solid relationship with the plant.

This work invites viewers to reflect on the notion of initial formation. It’s universal to all creation. The space in the work suggest breath, and the capacity for growth. The delicate encapsulation provides boundary, safety, and embrace for the firmly woven seed within.


Materials: bamboo and waxed linen cord.

Size: Approx. W600 x L600 mm (bamboo sculpture)

Handcrafted in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand 


Maker - Chika Kishimoto Lindsay