Modern Calligraphy & Lettering Workshop




Modern Calligraphy Workshop with Natasha Linskill. 

Write some beautiful cards for your loved ones... 

Natasha, based in Wellington, is an experienced calligraphy tutor, taking many workshops at different creative spaces. We are hosting her last Modern Calligraphy workshop before going on maternity leave! So don't miss out this rare opportunity workshop lover!

This class is suitable for the total beginners seeking a new creative outlet. You will be shown how to create basic strokes and shapes before moving onto individual letterforms and by the end of the workshop, you will be beautifully hand-writing script form well!

Calligraphy is a methodical, yet expressive craft that is a perfect creative outlet for unwinding and relaxing. You will learn skills that are perfect for DIY wedding invitations, guest names, menu boards or just simply to impress with your new style of beautiful handwriting!

Every attendee will get a take-home from Natasha with her favourite lettering tools and materials and including guides and tip sheets to continue practice at home.


New !! -Improvers course in Afternoon session

We are creating a new Improvers course in the afternoon this time for people who are keen to learn advanced skills ! 

This new Improvers workshop aims at fine tuning your overall technique and developing your personal calligraphy style through the exploration of spacing, contrast and bounce. You will also learn how to mix your own custom ink colour!

Every one will be free to work at their own pace during this relaxed workshop and Natasha will be on hand to provide plenty of one-on-one tuition.

The ticket includes materials such as ink, a new improver-level nib and an oblique nib holder but you will also be expected to bring your existing nib and holder too.

*Level - This workshop is ideally suited to anyone that's taken a beginners class or is self taught and confident with pointed pen letterforms.


22nd, Jan (Saturday) in 2022

At Public Record gallery space - 76 Ponsonby Rd, Auckland, NZ

Basics   - 10:30- 12:30 pm

Improvers  - 2-4 pm 

$110/per person
-Small group tutorial hands-on experience.
-We will supply all the materials for the session
-Take-home guide and tips sheet
-Take-home Linskill's Calligraphy kit.

Our tutor: Natasha Linskill - @natasha.linskill from Wellington, NZ

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