Pinched footed Jar, 2023 - ALUMINIUM


This sculptural object is a unique cast formed directly from wax moulded by hand in a loose, off hand manner in body warm wax. In a playful experiment, the artist had used copper wire threaded through the walls of the vessel and curled in lieu of core pins which would traditionally be chased from the casting.

The wax pattern was pored and invested in plaster refractory in a lost wax process and hand cast by the artist from their own small furnace.

The interior wires can be used to support flower stems in a dry or fresh floral arrangement. The aluminium is uncoated, clean with mild dish soap and a soft brush.


Letter punched on feet K R 2023


Material: Lost cast recycled aluminium with copper wire inclusions 

Size: H135 x W100mm 

Handcrafted in Auckland, New Zealand