Pitcher - Short or Tall



//Japanese highly regarded ceramist// 

Bizen work by Hitoshi Morimoto 

Fired in "Noborigama" a half buried climbing kiln over 1000 Celsius for the course of a week, it's been "Yakishime", so it's no glaze but perfectly sealed by the firing process. Each piece is unique with others. 

While you can find the essence of classic Bizen ware, Morimoto's pieces defy formal categorisation. He challenges imputing his characters, charms to make more contemporary style of Bizen pottery, his pottery. 

He only produces his bizen work once a year or every one and half year . 

Size: Short W180 xH120mm || Tall D140 x H160mm

Materials: Inbe clay

Handcrafted in Bizen, Okayama prefecture, Japan