Ribbed Chamber stick , 2020, M or S - BRONZE


This sculptural object is a unique cast formed directly from wax moulded by hand, fingerprints tacked permanently in the cast bronze from body warm wax.

The wax pattern is sprues  and coated inlayers of ceramic slurry which is fired in a gas kiln to harden the ceramic refractory and melt out the wax, leaving a negative space for the molten bronze to be poured into. The sprues are cut off and ground in the chasing process and sand blasted to ready the surface for patina which is finally sealed with wax.

*To maintain: clean with mild dish soap and dry, buff with soft clean cloth, an untinted wax furniture polish can be thinly applied to the dry sculpture and buffed if needed.


*For safety reasons, it is important to refrain from leaving candles unattended.


 Signature cast in base - K Rutecki, 2020


Material: Lost wax cast bronze, with iron and copper patinas

Size: M 165 x 140 x 135 mm || S 125 x 115 x 110 mm 

Handcrafted in Auckland, New Zealand