Shoyeido Incense - Coils


About Shoyeido

Shoyeido was established around 300 years ago in 1705 by the Hata family. Twelve generations later, the Hata family has continued to perfect the art of Japanese incense, creating a beautiful array of fragrances all while maintaining the traditions, art and ancestry of Japanese Incense, known as Koh. Today, A labour of love, Shoyeido is considered to be the highest quality, most natural incense available in the world. 

Shoyeido offers a wide variety of incense for all occasions; praying in a religious setting, for special activities such as tea ceremonies, or to simply scent a room. Shoyeido’s varieties range from stick incense to aromatic wood chips, kneaded incense, pressed incense, and sachets.


The Ten Virtues of Koh

The ten virtues of incense were compiled in the 16th century. They continue to capture the spirit of Koh (incense) appreciation.

  • It brings communication with the transcendent
  • It refreshes the mind and body
  • It removes impurity
  • It brings alertness
  • It is a companion in solitude
  • In the midst of busy affairs, it brings a moment of peace
  • When it is plentiful, one never tires of it
  • When there is little, still one is satisfied
  • Age does not change its efficacy
  • Used every day, it does no harm


Horikawa (River path) Light brown - Sweet and mellow fragrance, based on sandalwood.   

Nizyo (Avenue of the villa) Deep green - A traditional fragrance of sandalwood, with a flowery note. 

Shirakawa (white river) dark brown - mellow and refreshing fragrance of sandalwood.

 10 coils each box and 1 incense stand



堀川 白檀の甘みを強調したまろやかで贅沢な香り

二条 白檀をベースにした伝統的な香りに華やかさを添えました

白川 白檀の香りがふわりと広がりすっきりとした残り香です