Subsurface Travelogue vii, 2019



Richard Penn's original artwork.


The Subsurface Travelogue series are imagined as a series of underground wanderings through rock strata and pockets of water and gas, sometimes revealing remnants of lost civilisations in the form of imperfectly preserved man-made objects. These forms are based on the designs of Penn’s ceramic sculptures that he imagines are the remnants of a future civilisation that have been buried in time to find their way back to us to be found. They are like scanned spectrographic images made by instruments pushed to the very limits of their effectiveness. Information is tantalizingly specific yet not specific enough to satisfy. It highlights the challenges of distance, time and the limits of technology in our search for origins.



Materials: Ink drawing on paper with aluminium frame 

Size: approx. 330x330mm 


Handcrafted, South Africa